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Friday, June 13, 2008

I did it again.

I bought another boat. Sold the Invader to a friend of mine who'll use it judiciously for all it has left, which if he treats it right, will be many years to come.

Here's what I picked up today:

It's a 1990 Starcraft 171S Select. It has a 220 HP 4.3 V6 in it (Inboard/Outboard). It doesn't start, which is my risk (I got it cheap). I think it's the battery or the starter (I did a compression check which came out OK). All it seems to need is a throttle cable and a battery, and some TLC. Otherwise it's ready to hit the water!

We're in Minneapolis tonight (the whole family). Came out here to buy it and spend the weekend having fun. We'll be visiting the MN zoo tomorrow along with the Mall of America, which the boys call "Lego Land".

It was a VERY long day. We went from 6AM to 11:30 PM. The kids watched Star Wars IV and V and were VERY good. Tempers got short when the navigation system locked up, but we made it OK.

I'm going to finish my vanilla vodka on the rocks and hit the sack.


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