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Friday, October 30, 2015

In The News - October (Post #71)

Hello everyone, here's what's happened in our neck of the woods these past months:

Towards the end of the summer, Mason played Flag Football. He won lots of games, and it was quite a lot of fun.

School started back up and I applied for a job at Dan's Supermarket. We'll see how it turns out!

Band has been as it was last year; extremely fun and very worth my time. It's only been a few weeks into the school year, but we've already had a ton of fun! Century's football team has made it to the playoffs, so we'll see if they can make it further!

School is going well, no real problems so far this year. One important thing to note: I now know why everyone disliked us as Freshmen last year. We'll leave it at that.

Thanks for reading.

Reporting for the Polk Family Blog,
DJ Polk

Friday, February 20, 2015

First in a While (Post #70)

Hello everyone, it's been a while, so let me get you all up to speed.

We moved away from our old house on Telluride lane. We needed to live closer into the city and our house was just too small for us. It's been repainted and no longer looks like home. We definitely did find lots of dirt and dust when we moved, but I videoed the entire house before we moved everything out, and the three of us kids stopped riding the bus that we loved.

I have grown a fondess for buses myself, and I regularly visit an old 1988 Ford B700 at the junkyard on Saturdays when we have time.

Our new house is huge, with a massive 3-stall garage. Dad sold the jeep, and bought a 2014 Ford
F-150 XLT which fits nicely in our new garage. You'll also be happy to know that the old 1994 Chevy Silverado is still kicking, and it's going to be my first car!

Dad's got his own personal office now, and it isn't an office/gaming room like his 'office' was at the old house, it's strictly business, since he bought a huge desk, a nice computer and two monitors, like I have.

That's about it, folks. This has been DJ with Polk Family Blog post #70. Thanks for reading.

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Pontoon is Born!

Hello once again internet, I have some family news for you.

A month or so back, my Dad bought a pontoon in perfect shape, but with crappy seats and a crappy captain's console.

With the help of Chris Brown (not the rapper) and I, Dad got the pontoon some new seats, bimini top, cover and captain's console. Soon it was back on its toons and floating next to our dock on Brush Lake.

An achievement for me: I got a boater's licence and now it's legal for me to drive the great big pontoon.

Mason has started summer soccer! He's got his own ball that he won't stop kicking around the house.

Reporting for the Polk Family Blog,
DJ Polk

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Hello Internet, as usual I have a family update for all of you.

For starters, summer is upon us! This means new sports, but most importantly:

Brush Lake North Dakota

That's right! The lake everyone in Bismarck, Mercer, and every town around it loves, now has a website.


This new site has info on upcoming events, and everything happening around Brush Lake.
I am the Webmaster of said website, and I have already made several updates. If you want to hear about the best lake in the world, click there.

Mason and Adam are starting summer sports, and here's what they're doing:

Mason is playing soccer this summer.

Adam is playing basketball this summer.

Another thing that I'm not to excited about is what I'm doing:

Summer school.
It isn't the most fun thing in the world, but hey, at least I'm gonna get a lot of homework out of the way for 9th grade.

That's all, folks!
Reporting for the Polk Family Blog,
DJ Polk

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I CAN HAS PONTOON? And some other things?

Hey Internet, just me saying some new stuff going on in this family of ours.

1. We have purchased a pontoon with some run-down seats, but it is fixable, easily fixable. We jointly own it with Grandma Barb, and we both hope to use it this summer. I am legally allowed to drive a boat at my age.

2. As I told you all, Dad's mustang is fully done, and sounds bada*s. With the supercharger in it, you will certainly hear Dad coming long before you see him.

3. I haven't told the Internet this. We had a new wood floor installed a while ago to replace that nasty carpet you all know very well. It's very handy for when Pilchard overeats, when Zellandine licks herself too much and coughs her own fur all over the place, and for when we spill dark red crystal light on the floor, it won't leave a mark.

That's all for now, except that Mom has finished her choir season.

Reporting for the Polk Family Blog,
DJ Polk

Monday, February 24, 2014

Some New News

Hello everyone! It's me (again)

Some family news for you...

Adam starts basketball this week or next week (I can't remember) and is playing until late winter I think.

Mom's singing some different songs now, I don't know their names, I'll have to ask her.

Dad has finished the mustang's supercharger! It is up and running and sounding cool. He can't drive it until the spring when the roads get better, however.

I have registered for 9th Grade at Century next year.

Happy Birthday to Grandma Barb! (A few weeks ago)

Reporting for the Polk Family Blog,
DJ Polk

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

After 2013

Hey internets.

This is DJ. Today I have some family news for you.

Mom got that part, she won't stop singing Defying Gravity now.

Mason had his first basketball game, and dad has only a few more things to do with the Mustang's supercharger, but he is waiting for extra cash to buy the parts.

I have finished painting and stickering my red model rocket, and in other news I have purchased a stainless steel camelback water bottle due to come today.

That's about it!
Reporting for the Polk Family Blog,
DJ Polk