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Monday, December 26, 2005

Whole family picture

This doesn't happen too often! Taken at Mom and Dad's church. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas morning

DJ and Adam discover what Santa's left: their very own FISH! They immediately named them Nemo and Marlin, although being goldfish it's just about impossible to tell them apart. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Spreadin' the loot

Christmas #1 photographed here at Gramma Barb's house. #2 happens tomorrow at Gramma Marilyn's house. Posted by Picasa

What would Jesus do?

Ever wonder what might have happened if one of the wise men had brought booze and a power boat to the inn? Posted by Picasa

Spaceship D.A.M. (DJ, Adam, Mason)

Today DJ, Adam, Jen, our neighbor Justin and I launched the Patriot rocket the boys and I'd built a few weeks ago. It was a perfect morning for a launch - no wind, not terribly cold, and only a few wispy clouds in the sky. All three launches landed no further away than a block or two and resulted in only paint damage to the rocket.

The rocket flew really well - always straightening out as it blasted it's way towards space. We even tried to arc it more to the northwest to compensate for some slight winds but it wouldn't have any of that and flew straight up anyway.

Adam and DJ each got to launch it once, and Justin provided the third. I took a picture on the third launch but was only able to capture the smoke trail so it's not very exciting.

After the third launch the boys went inside and pretended to launch markers with the caps removed for a good portion of the morning. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 18, 2005

DJ's kindergarten sunday school church program

We just got back from DJ's kindergarten Christmas program at our church. The MC of the program was a total drag, but the kids were GREAT and made up for it. Both grammas and grandpas were there.

DJ's in the top row, third kiddo from the right. Posted by Picasa

Mr. Confused, Mr. Party, Mr. "I am smiling now"

The Boys

That tasted good! OR NOT!

Now, let me express to you in my own way just how that food tasted (if "food" is really what you call it, Mom). Posted by Picasa

Whatever it takes

I couldn't help it. This picture's a bit old (he's not in diapers anymore) but it's so "Adam" I had to do it.

Any time, any place, any position. Adam is hard-core when it comes to sleeping. Posted by Picasa

Doggie goes to jail

Note the absence of the steel chicken wire in the door. When Rottweilers decide they need to be somewhere, you should do what you can to not be in their way.

I fully expect to find him sitting at the front door after chewing through the 2x4's I put in yesterday.

Bad dog. Cute, but very bad. Posted by Picasa

Christmas Card Originals

For those of you who received our Christmas card, here's one from the photo shoot that hit the cutting room floor. Posted by Picasa

Kernel is a putz

Kernel decided he needed to get out of his pen in the garage and in the process knocked the kart backward onto the concrete, breaking the original steering column struts off.

After I calmed down (I went through 2 pairs of struts to get them right) I realized the originals were too weak anyway.

A quick search revealed the materials I needed. When I'm on a project, nothing is sacred. Jen's 10 speed fell victim to the mighty sawzall. Posted by Picasa