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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Spaceship D.A.M. (DJ, Adam, Mason)

Today DJ, Adam, Jen, our neighbor Justin and I launched the Patriot rocket the boys and I'd built a few weeks ago. It was a perfect morning for a launch - no wind, not terribly cold, and only a few wispy clouds in the sky. All three launches landed no further away than a block or two and resulted in only paint damage to the rocket.

The rocket flew really well - always straightening out as it blasted it's way towards space. We even tried to arc it more to the northwest to compensate for some slight winds but it wouldn't have any of that and flew straight up anyway.

Adam and DJ each got to launch it once, and Justin provided the third. I took a picture on the third launch but was only able to capture the smoke trail so it's not very exciting.

After the third launch the boys went inside and pretended to launch markers with the caps removed for a good portion of the morning. Posted by Picasa


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