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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I CAN HAS PONTOON? And some other things?

Hey Internet, just me saying some new stuff going on in this family of ours.

1. We have purchased a pontoon with some run-down seats, but it is fixable, easily fixable. We jointly own it with Grandma Barb, and we both hope to use it this summer. I am legally allowed to drive a boat at my age.

2. As I told you all, Dad's mustang is fully done, and sounds bada*s. With the supercharger in it, you will certainly hear Dad coming long before you see him.

3. I haven't told the Internet this. We had a new wood floor installed a while ago to replace that nasty carpet you all know very well. It's very handy for when Pilchard overeats, when Zellandine licks herself too much and coughs her own fur all over the place, and for when we spill dark red crystal light on the floor, it won't leave a mark.

That's all for now, except that Mom has finished her choir season.

Reporting for the Polk Family Blog,
DJ Polk


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