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Saturday, December 16, 2006


This is Dan - I'm being lazy and didn't log in as myself on Jen's computer.

We're humidified! I picked up a whole-house humidifier at Menards for $80. Quite a steal, if you ask me. Made in the USA and requires almost zero maintenance.

Made by Field Controls in NC, it's called an atomizing humidifier and humidifies the air by spraying an atomized mist of water into the heated forced air right above the output of the furnace. It installs in about 30 minutes, doesn't need a filter, won't get moldy and turns on when it detects heated air. The adjustment for how humid you want the house is right on the unit itself, so there's no need to run a separate humidistat. Kinda nice!

I've wanted one of these guys since we moved in. Yes, I'm abnormally excited about humidification.