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Monday, February 04, 2008

Everybody's sick

Well, not at the same time, but this is getting old. First DJ got a fever, then pinkeye, then a nasty cough. He's mostly over it, but before it was gone he gave the pinkeye to Adam, but no fever and a less nasty cough. After Adam got it and was getting done, I got a fever, cough and laryngitis, which Jen picked up (Jen says this is my fault for obvious reasons). Now Mason's battling pinkeye and is on his way to fever/cough land. Ugh. This is a NASTY bug.

Jen and I were crabby at each other after supper last night, all we could do was whisper angry things. It was really ineffective so we kissed and made up. Just kidding. We'll stick to waving from a distance until this junk is gone.


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