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Sunday, January 06, 2008


A few people asked about the arcade systems we have so I thought I'd post a pic of the new one we just picked up this weekend from a local church (it's the left/white one). It's an Atari Space Duel cabinet (vector graphics, like Defender, pretty cool). I'm not a big fan of electronics from the early 80's so I gutted the machine and have begun selling the parts on the Internet. About 8 hours after posting the parts online the cabinet had paid for itself 3 times over. Go Internet! The other cabinet (the right/black one) is an original Ameri Darts cabinet (you "threw" darts by flinging a roller ball - boooooring). I gutted that one, had a custom marquee made and turned it into a MAME machine. The kiddos love it.

I think I'll convert the Space Duel to MAME also, and maybe run both Space Duel and Major Havoc on it and leave it at that. Here's the pictures:


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