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Monday, February 18, 2008

It's alive! It's dead...it'll be alive again! Srsly!

The CPU board for Pac Man showed up. I repaired the wiring harness, plugged it in and WALLA! I was playing. With the new cap kit on the monitor chassis it looked beautiful. About 5 plays later, DJ was cranking away at the joystick when POP FZZZZZT CRRRAAACK PZZZZZZT and lots of smoke all came from the cabinet. DJ: "DAAAAAD!?". I unplugged it and found out a valuable lesson: Don't fix only half the monitor. The previous owner was kind enough to replace the capacitors, but not the flyback transformer. The stress on it was too much, so POOF it cracked open and let the smoke out. No worries, I found a guy in MN who is sending me a completely rebuilt chassis for some cash plus my two old ones.

Pac will live again!


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