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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Game time!

This is DJ and Adam hanging out in the basement playing games. DJ's playing a Tonka game on the kid's PC and Adam's playing a preschool game called "Mario's Early Years" (or something like that) using a Super Nintendo emulator on our Gamebuddy Arcade system.

Nights like these are filled with yelling coming from the basement such as "DAAAAAAD!! I PUSHED ALL THE BUTTONS AT ONCE AND NOW THE SCREEN IS BLUE!" or "DAAAAAD! GRAMMA IS TRYING TO TALK TO ME ON GOOBLE TALK AND MY GAME SAYS SEND ERROR REPORT NOW!". It's fun. They love it! Me too.

That's my custom designed gameroom light filtering window dressing...that I had made. By a guy.

...it's a blanket. We're cheap! Posted by Picasa


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